Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Greatest Inspiration In Becoming A Nurse

Everyone has their own story concerning what made them become a nurse. For some it's been a calling since childhood and for others it was a direct result of coming across a wonderful nurse who inspired them. Realizing that nursing is a highly stressful career, I invite everyone to remember why they became a nurse in the first place.

So, lets hear it; Why did you become a nurse? Who inspired you?

Sometimes going back to the beginning allows you to move forward.


Guardian Angel said...

My biggest inspiration came during my freshman year. Although I was seriously considering a career in nursing, there was this one nurse who was taking care of my uncle and showed incredible patience and caring as she made him comfortable. I thought that I would like to model myself after this nurse and make a positive difference in an environment that can be very emotionally draining.

Be The Best said...

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